Liquid Erection Energy is the fastest acting,
most potent formula available
for male enhancement without a prescription!
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Erection Energy

She wants a Stronger, Longer, Thicker, Lasting Erection!  Can you give it to her?  With Erection Energy you can!




Erection Energy is Better:
Are you tired of waiting for up to an hour to feel the effects of the pill?  Now, there is a better way!  Just like the popular liquid energy shots, Erection Energy is a liquid 2-ounce erection shot.  Erection Energy starts working 5 to 10 minutes after consumption in the typical male.  Most men start feeling a temporary tingling sensation in their skin from the Niacin in Erection Energy.  With normal sexual stimulation, the average man will have the ability to maintain a strong, long-lasting erection.  Erection Energy stays in the system for about 72 hours in the typical male permitting spontaneous consensual sex.

Side Effect:
A common side effect of Erection Energy when used on a weekly basis for an extended period is penis growth.  This side effect of growth is a result of smooth muscle endothelium relaxation which occurs in the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum of the penis.  For many men the side effect penis growth is welcome. But in men with larger than average penises, the growth can be problematic and extended use of Erection Energy should be avoided.

Erections should not last longer than 2 hours.  In the event you erection lasts 2 hours, take the Erection Reduction Pill in the zip-lock baggie and either sit in a bathtub or take a shower in the hottest comfortable water you can tolerate, and vigorously massage your penis until it is flaccid (soft).  If your erection lasts 4 hours or more, immediately seek emergency medical treatment!  An untreated erection will result in permanent damage to your penis.  Erection Energy is not a $2 pill promising wild results - it really works!

No Prescription Needed:
Erection Energy is an herbal dietary supplement and does not require a prescription.  We do however recommend regular medical check ups as prudent for everyone.  We suggest that you ask your doctor if it is safe and advisable for you to have sex while taking Erection Energy.  Some people have hidden undiagnosed illnesses that can only be detected by regular medical exams.

Stronger Erections:
Erection Energy is the most advanced formula in the world to achieve a thick strong erection.  As a liquid, you don't wait for anything to dissolve like you would a pill. We put significantly more natural herbs in a 2-ounce liquid than anyone else puts in a little pill.  Simply said: more herbs equals more effect.  Look for yourself, Erection Energy has a proprietary herbal erection blend of 8,041mg, whereas a pill only has a fraction of that amount. 

Penis Growth:
Erection Energy was initially invented to improve erections for men with erectile dysfunction.  However, during testing an interesting side effect was observed.  Penis size was increasing substantially in men taking Erection Energy on a regular basis.  It was discovered that Erection Energy actually relaxed the smooth muscle endothelium in the Corpus Cavernosum and Corpus Spongiosum of the penis which resulted in stretching growth.  Erection Energy is the most effective way to achieve penis growth. So much so that we need to issue a warning to men that already have large penises.  There is such a thing as too large a penis.

Increased Sex Drive:
Erection Energy will increase your sex drive (libido) substantially. Erection Energy contains a special proprietary blend of herbs that result in a significant testosterone increase.  Testosterone is the chemical compound that is the engine of sex drive.  The more testosterone the stronger the sex drive.  Erection Energy contains many more times the herbs found in the pill required to promote the production of testosterone.

Absolutely No Risk:
Energy is 100% Guaranteed!  When you order Erection Energy you are protected by our "No Questions Asked - Risk Free Guarantee".  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with Erection Energy, simply return all unopened bottles within 30 days of ordering. You will receive a full refund of your purchase price, excluding shipping.  There is simply no reasonable excuse for not trying Erection Energy. 

What You Get:
An Erection Energy package contains one bottle of Erection Energy, an emergency Erection Reduction Pill in a zip-lock baggie, a condom, and a 90-day membership at - a Swinger and Adult Dating web site for those who want to add a little excitement into their life.

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